User Interface: Add Order 1 – Create User Property

From the previous article (Setting up Shift, Calendar and displaying Resource Gantt Chart), we are going to paste the order data from the order sheet. Usually, there is no “F” column in the common prototype datasheet. Since we will be demonstrating setting up additional property, the “ERPLot” informations has been included.


To add the property, open the Order table in the Table View option.


Right-click the top section of the table and select the Column Settings.


Then click the New property tab and input the necessary items in the New Property Definition dialog.


The Name is the name of the property to be used for expressions and so on. Enter “OrderUser_ERPLotCode” as the Name. The Display name is the name to be displayed in the properties window. Enter “ERPLot” as the Display name. The Data type is the type of property you are going add. Type “String” in the Data type.

Close the dialogue after inputting these three main parameters.


You will then see that the new property has been added in the Order Table.


To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning website and choose the User Interface videos. You may also refer to the online help about the details of adding a new property in Asprova.


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