Understanding the Current Situation and Setting Goals

First, let us analyze the current situation and the goals. You can further clarify them with the help of filling out the “Diagnostic sheet”.


Here is a sample of the Diagnostic sheet – which covers all pertinent information to assess whether Asprova will be suitable for you or not.


First step is to specify your tasks and goals. When setting up the concrete values and priorities, make sure that the goals are not ambiguous.


In cases with ambiguous goals, it will become difficult to define concrete requirements later.
As a result, the system will not operate properly and the benefits of implementation may not be seen.

Specify a production scheduling method, and define the scheduling objectives and describe problems causing bottle-necks.


Roughly enumerate all production processes to cover all the operations and the scheduling objectives.


Consider the proper units for the production processes when creating the prototype.

In addition, provide the relevant information about the working shifts and the manufacturing equipment capacities, etc.


Consider the orders to be handled, the statuses of the operations and the inventory status.



Finally, check the status of the production management system.


All the data filled in the Diagnostic Sheet will be used in the next step for scoping

To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s online help and its e-Learning videos at http://lib.asprova.com/ (see 26.How to plan and conduct the introduction project.).


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