A University in Vietnam Focusing on SCM Cooperated with Asprova

Working with VIetnam Supply Chain

Eastern International University (EIU) is a newly created university located in Binh Duong New City,Binh Duong Province, Vietnam, built by the State-owned Becamex IDC Corporation – the country’s largest infrastructure, industrial park developer and operator and a large conglomerate with over 30 related subsidiaries, has the mission of producing high-quality human resources to meet the country’s pressing needs.

EIU is the first University in Vietnam which offers Supply Chain Management Program for undergraduate level. We identify the problems Vietnam is facing with quality of workforce and provide the best solutions.

Our major supply chain management challenge in Vietnam is logistics cost. The logistics cost in Vietnam is around 25% of GDP. This creates an undue burden on businesses in Vietnam as we compete globally for FDI resources. In China and India, the logistics cost is around 15% and 13% respectively. In the USA, it is only 7.7% of GDP. This large gap is because of waste in the Vietnamese logistics processes and procedures. Another major issue is our supply base limitation. This limitation acts as a roadblock for companies in their efforts to meet the growing demand. The lack of skilled employees is a hindrance for business because it prevents companies from being established, or growing to meet marketplace demand. Information technology application is also a critical issue but there’s lack of Vietnamese businesses using IT to create competitive advantages and improve productivity. Vietnam must address these roadblocks to meet their long-term growth strategy. How can our community get to where we need to be to reach our strategic goals?

Creating a different way of educating our students is required if we will meet the challenge. We must have students who know the academic material, but are flexible in their thinking so they can meet as yet unknown problems. Collaboration between the business communities, governmental organizations, professional associations and institutions of higher learning ensure strategic challenges are completed on time, within budget and at the standards that delight the customers.

Eastern International University (EIU) is at the forefront of addressing our skill gap in employees that can meet the current and future challenges of business. EIU is addressing this skill gap by teaming with Portland State University, the Vietnam Supply Chain Association and ASPROVA Corporation. Through this collaboration we ensure we have the best understanding of what the business and governmental organizations must have for success.

We hope this cooperation will create a community and let’s be the community that creates the movement leading to success – success for our future generations.

Asprova Will Participate in METALTECH 2014



Asprova Asia Sdn Bhd, a subsidiary of Asprova Corporation (Japan),  will participate in the upcoming METALTECH 2014:

Date:      21-24 May 2014
Venue:    PWTC Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Booth:    1502

We will present the latest version of Asprova APS as well as share many useful tips for production scheduling.

Please visit us at METALTECH 2014.


Asprova Asia Sdn Bhd

Asprova Held Partner Conference in Germany

We recently held a Partner Conference in Frankfurt, Germany. Our Partners in Czech, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Lithuania, Poland, Spain and Turkey had a very deep and interesting discussions together. Here are some of the pictures from the event.


GEBP20141 GEBP20142 GEBP20143 GEBP20144

Asprova User Conference 2013

Asprova will be holding this year’s User Conference in Bellesalle Yaesu in Tokyo.  New features of Asprova will be introduced in addition to the case study presentations by customers from the Pharmaceuticals industry by Asprova’s sales partner Toyo Business Engineering Co., Ltd.

For more information on this year’s Asprova User Conference’s agenda, please visit:


Webinar [#4] How to Make Your Own Prototype

We have prepared a new Webinar #4

4 : How to make your own Prototype (90 min)

One of the Asprova’s strong points is that you can very easily make your own prototype of computerized production scheduler.
In this Webinar we will teach you how to make your own prototype.

Prerequisite of this webinar is to take 1st or 2nd or 3rd webinar:

1 : How to increase profits by computerized production scheduling (60 min)
2 : How to use Asprova under SAP and other ERPs (60 min)
3 : How to be a Sales Partner (60 min)

Please make sure that you first take 1st or 2nd or 3rd and then take the 4th Webinar

You can make a booking from here. http://lib.asprova.com/registrationwebinerbooking.html?asid=10062c

We are first come first served policy, looking forward to hearing from you soon.

Takahashi, CEO of Asprova

Free One on One Webinar


Be a Partner of Japan’s No.1 Advanced Planning and Scheduling Software, Asprova.

We are going to hold free 1-on-1 webinars with live demos of Asprova, discussions on how you can help manufacturers make finite capacity production schedules, and realize lead-time and inventory reduction, while keeping due-dates.

You can make your booking from the link below:


We are first come first served policy, looking forward to hearing from you soon.
Takahashi, CEO of Asprova

[Webinar 7.24 and 31] Be a sales partner of Asprova – Japan’s best selling Production Scheduling Software

Asprova Sales Partners

Do you have what it takes to be a sales partner of Asprova?

We are going to conduct webinars with live demos of Asprova, discussions on how you can help manufacturers in your area make detailed production schedules, and realize lead-time and inventory reduction while keeping due-dates.

Date : 7/24/2013 or 7/31/2013 (Wed)
Time : please choose one or more time slots (1 to 6) below:

1. 9 AM (GMT+9)
2. 11 AM (GMT+9)
3. 1 PM (GMT+9)
4. 3 PM (GMT+9)
5. 5 PM (GMT+9)
6. 7 PM (GMT+9)

We will try fit into your available time as much as we can.

To join this webinar, just send an e-mail to tech.support@asprova.com or fill out the contact form below which should include
1) Company name
2) Names of participants
3) Expectation of attending this webinar
4) Your convenient dates and time slots

We will give you the instructions for preparation of the webinar.

-Takahashi, CEO of Asprova