5S: Seiri, Seiton, Seiso, Seiketsu and Shitsuke

5SThe 5S is the methodology of creation and maintaining well organized, clean, highly efficient and supreme quality workplace. Its result is the effective organization of the workspace, work flow with the intent of improving competence by eliminating waste, removal of losses associated with failures and breaks, reduced process inefficiencies and improved safety of work. Let’s briefly look at each of the 5S’s to get an idea on what you should do:

Seiri (Sort)-When in doubt, move it out. Anywhere you have clutter; you have decisions waiting to be made. So put on your decision-making hat and begin to decide what deserves to stay and what needs to go. Sorting eliminates the waste material, nonconforming products, and any other items not used in the process. Everything else is stored that helps to maintain the clean workplace and improves the efficiency of searching and receiving things, shortens the time of running the operation.

Seiton (Set in order) – Focuses on setting the workplace in order to improve efficiency. This is more than just arranging the tools and equipment where and in the sequence they will be used. It is “straightening” the work path for materials, tools and the work process. Straightening the work process can include changes in dies or tooling that reduces finishing labor, for example. It may include interaction with the customer to implement design changes that result in cost reduction or quality improvement.

Seiso (shine)–Keeping the workplace clean as well as neat. At the end of the shift, the work area is cleaned and everything is restored to its proper place. In straighten, the workplace is clearly marked where things go and gives confidence in the ability to find what is needed when it is needed. The key point here is that cleanliness is a regular part of the daily work effort, not an effort initiated when the workplace gets too messy.  

Seiketsu (Standardize) – Worked out and implemented standards in the form of procedures and instructions permit to keep order on the workplaces. Standards should be very communicative, clear and easy to understand. Each of the workers associated with the process on the given workplace should be explicitly involved during improvement and preparation stage as they know the best specificity of their own activities, and process of elaboration.

Shitsuke (Sustain) – This means more than just maintaining what has been established. 5S becomes a way of life and a new way to operate. It is important that management does not allow a gradual decline back to the old ways of operating. Sustain also means that when an issue arises–a suggested improvement, a new tool becomes available, or a new output requirement–the process is reviewed for improvement.

Asprova support the management, along with the employees to plan and implement the various steps of the 5S method. Our advanced planning and scheduling functions reduces lead-time and materials waste, develops communication skills and security, and creates a safe working environment by eliminating overworked employees, thereby successfully arriving at the benefits and goals to be achieved by 5S.


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