Steps for Implementing an Asprova Project

There are six steps to implement Asprova. This article will cover each step to guide you in your Asprova project implementation.

At the beginning, analyze the current situation in your company and define your specific goals. The goals can be set clearly with the help of filling out the “Diagnostic sheet “. The diagnostic sheet will be discussed in more details in the next article. But on a high level, this sheet contains all pertinent information for you to assess your current situation.


Proceed with the study of your system taking into consideration the “Diagnostic sheet”.
It is also important to consider the coverage of the system and its relationship with existing systems. Then, create a prototype and consider it carefully.


If you decide to use Asprova, make sure to purchase an Asprova license. Please assign a person in charge and organize a project team for the implementation.


Prepare all necessary data, in order to define the requirements properly. In addition, the interface with the external system needs to be defined or developed at this step if necessary.
Please remember that in cases which you meet difficulties during implementation, the Asprova partners and distributors are always ready to consult and support you.


Before the official launch of the system, various tests, parallel runs and preparation of the operation manual are required.


Please conclude the maintenance contract and maintain the data changing the items, equipment etc., after you solve any problems with operating Asprova in parallel and launch the new system.


To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s online help and its e-Learning videos at (see 26.How to plan and conduct the introduction project.).


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