User Interface – Setup Shift, Calendar and Display Resource Gantt Chart

When Asprova searches for a working time pattern of a certain resource on a certain day, it refers to the calendar table until it finds a record that matches the resource and date, and then uses that shift and resource quantity.

We can setup the shift and calendar in Asprova from the prototype datasheet. Shift is the table that specifies patterns of working time that can be assigned to resources/days in the calendar. Calendar is the table that specifies shifts for each resource and day.

Go to Table View and select Shift to open the Shift Table.


Delete the auto-generated shifts by clicking the line number and deleting it.


Copy and paste the shift data from the “Shift” sheet.


In the same manner, copy and paste the calendar data from the prototype datasheet. Go to the Table View and select Calendar.


Delete the auto-generated calendar and paste the data from the “Calendar” sheet to the Calendar Table.



You can check if the shift and calendar are displayed on the Resource Gantt chart. The grey zone is the working time which we have set in the Shift table and the Calendar table. The operations will be assigned to the grey zone.


You can also adjust the Display color and the Display order in the Resource Gantt chart to make the operations easy to view. The Display color and the Display order can be adjusted in the Resource table.



To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning videos and see 23. User Interface. You may also refer to the online help about the details of Shift, Calendar and Resource Gantt Chart.


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