Set up Time (Item, Spec)

In this article, we have registered 2 items in the Integrated Master Editor table – “AX” and “BX”.


There are 3 orders in the Order Table as shown below.


And the orders have already been assigned where there is no setup time between each operation.


Now, we will change the settings at the Item setup table to register setup, which occurs when we switch “BX” to “AX”. Let’s assume there is no setup time when switching “AX” to “BX” and it takes 120m to setup switching “BX” to “AX”.



Press the reschedule button. From the Resource Gantt chart, you will now notice that there is no setup time from “AX” to “BX” but a 120m-setup-time from “BX” to “AX”.


You can also register multiple items, separated by semicolons, to make a group of items. The “*” that is placed in the Resource column relates to all resources.


You can specify the resource code if you want to in the resource column – just click on the specific resource you want.


You can also register the setup time by using [Spec 1, 2, 3, and 4]. The spec 1 of each order in this sample is set as white or black.


Register the Setup time in the Spec 1 setup table. Set the setup time as 0 in “white to black” and 180 in “black to white”.


The [Spec 1] of orders “1” and “3” is white and order “2” is black. This means that there is no setup time from order “1” to “2” and it takes a 180m-setup-time from order “2” to order “3”.


To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning videos at (see 24. Scheduling Logic).





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