Set up Time (Resource)

In Asprova, it is also possible to schedule the setup time for changing molds and jig tools. This can be specified in the Integrated Master Editor. This article will show you how to generate a schedule setup by switching the main resource and the sub-resource.

In this sample, we will produce item “AX”. Press 1 will be used as a main resource. Mold 1 and Mold 2 will be used as a sub resource.


Let’s register in the Resource setup table a 120m-setup-time to switch Mold 1 to Mold 2 on Press 1.


In addition, let’s set a 20m-setup-time to switch Mold 2 to Mold 1.


Press the reschedule button to see the result. At the Resource Gantt chart, you will see that there is a 120m-setup-time on Press 1 when Mold 1 to Mold 2 is switched. Subsequently, there is a 20m-setup-time on Press 1 when we change Mold 2 to Mold 1.


To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning videos at (see 24. Scheduling Logic).



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