Sub Resource

First, we will register the sub resources such as jig tools, molds, and workers, etc. Sub resources can be assigned to the same time with the main resource or to the setup time only.

Now we will generate a schedule with the sub resources such as jig tools, molds, workers, etc.

In the Integrated Master Editor, product AX will be assembled at Assembly 1. The setup time is 4h and the production is 1hp, which means 1 hour per item.

When you run the reschedule button, the 3 orders will be displayed as below.

The Instruction code M in the Integrated Master Editor indicates the main resource and the S0 indicates the sub resource.


If the operator named Worker 1 works during the production time, set 0 as its Production.


Run the reschedule button and as a result, Worker 1 will be assigned within the production time.


On the other hand, if Worker 1 works on setup, set 0 as setup.


Run the reschedule button – you will then see that the Worker 1 will be assigned to operate the setup. This is called the internal setup where it occupies 4h from both main resources and sub resources.


If you want to set it the other way around – as external setup, set 4h only for sub resources and press the Reschedule button.


The Setup instruction will be eliminated from the Assembly 1 resource and it will be occupied only during production time in 12h. By this, the external setup has an effect on the throughput of the operation.


To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning videos at (see 24. Scheduling Logic).


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