Introduce Mr.Rho CEO of Asprova Korea

Mr. Rho (Rho Choongho), CEO of Asprova Korea graduated from a Korean university and studied earth science using the computer at the University of Tokyo.

Then he joined Asprova corp. , and became one of the development members.

“The project was hard because it was to make a new Asprova be the world No.1, which could deal with all the problems which the previous Asprova could not handle.”

“Asprova is now the world’s best with 2880 sites in 44 countries. I am glad as one of the developers of Asprova. ”

Then, Mr. Rho returned to Korea and is now president of Asprova Korea. Rho has more than 40 users, including Korea’s major business group.

But he often says, “Business is difficult. I can’t get a profit.”It’s natural because he cares too much about customers. But he is loved by everyone.

Rho is an expert in Japanese and loves tuna and grilled chicken, so he wants to do support work in Japan as well.

He should have got a manufacturing award from the Japanese government.

If he was in Japan in 2018.
He would have got the noble award.

You can see the economic
minister and our development
members in this poster.

Mr.Rho should have been here.

Asprova Korea Co., Ltd.#524, Hyundai Parkville 41, Gongwon-ro, Guro-Gu, Seoul, 08298, Korea(주) 대표 이사 노츈호 배상 휴대폰 : 010-5511-9190

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