Manufacturing Operation Management System Solutions Provider in Malaysia【Panasonic FS Integration Systems】

Company Profile

Name of Company Panasonic Factory Solutions Integration Systems Malaysia Sdn. Bhd
Date of Establishment 1st April 2017
Since the establishment of our ex-company (in YR1995), we have started selling and implementing system solutionsincluding hardware to the Malaysian various manufacturing industries.
When Asprova Japan established Asprova Asia (in YR2010) in Malaysia, we were certified as a Malaysian Asprovapartner.Since we joined under the Panasonic Group in YR2017, we have been providing solutions to the SMT industry whichPanasonic has a high penetration in the worldwide.
Office Address B-10-3, Northpoint, Mid Valley City, No. 1, Medan Syed Putra, 59200 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
Telephone Number +603 2287-3312
FAX +603 2283-3319
Managing Director Hideaki Osuga
Services of Business Solution Provider for Manufacturing Companies

Manufacturing Operation Management System Solutions

Concept of Smart Factory

MFO makes use of a digital twin and allows monitoring of Mounting Floors,and it helps automatically to generate optimized production plans by real-time information, parameters and PCB data.After link back to Asprova, it helps to provide ‘Fully optimized production plan’ and ‘Improve production plan leadtime’.

Besides, after combined MOM (Manufacturing Operations Management) solutions, such as from material incomingoperation until finished goods shipment operation, we will provide the service related with IoT, real-time informationsharing, visualization, optimized operation and efficient productivity.

Target Industry in Malaysia market

  1. Electrical and Electronic Industry (including SMT)
  2. Fabricated Metal Industry
  3. Plastic Industry
  4. Food, Chemical and other industry

Target business in Malaysia market

For various industries in Malaysia, we will make full use of or collaborate with Panasonic’s solution technologies mainlyrelated for IoT, and contribute to the innovation and evolution toward of smart factories that our customers areaiming for.

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