About Us


Asprova Corporation was founded in 1994 as the first company in Japan to specialize in production scheduling software. After 20 years, Asprova is now the overwhelming market leader for production scheduling in Japan and is deployed in more than 2000 factories worldwide. Many of the leading manufacturers in Japan use our software that Asprova has come increasingly to be viewed as a crystallization of the best practices in production scheduling of the world-renowned Japanese manufacturing community – hence our motto “Join the WINNERS”.

A Legend in its Industry

Kuniyoshi Takahashi

For years Asprova has been nearly a cult legend for its ultra fast scheduling computation, its sleek graphical interface, and its unique solutions to difficult real-world scheduling problems.

If there is one thing the Asprova developers have in common, it is the love of a challenge, both inside and outside of work. Perhaps this is best illustrated by the company’s founder President Kuniyoshi Takahashi, who since his college days has taken up challenges ranging from bicycling alone over 5400km across the United States and 4500km across Europe and the Middle East, to more recently spending over 4000 hours personally in designing the Asprova Advanced Planning and Scheduling software.

The challenge we have taken up now within the company is to achieve “three world’s bests”, which are “the world’s best scheduling logic“, “the world’s best graphical user interface“, and “the world’s best external interface“. Asprova has already been recognized with awards both in Japan and internationally, but our development team is constantly working on ways to exceed the expectations of the industry.

Asprova is not a large company. We don’t have a deep hierarchy, and we don’t mass-produce software. We are craftsmen, and we love what we make. Every one of us is responsible for the big picture, gets to know our customers and sales partners, and has the opportunity to affect the direction of the company.

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