A wise man in Indonesia

That is Mr. Yamamoto of PT. BAHTERA HISISTEM INDONESIA, an Indonesian partner.

He has published various kinds of profound information related to Indonesia on the web for a long time, so many of you may already know. When I talked to the project leader of a global manufacturing company, I asked “Where did you get the infomeration?”, It was from his site.

Yamamoto <right> and a member of his company

Mr. Yamamoto has been working in Indonesia for more than 20 years since 1997, and currently has an Asprova businessfor Japanese manufacturers based in West Bekasi, about 15 km east of Jakarta.

A major turning point in Indonesia’s history was the Indonesian currency crisis that occurred in tandem with the Thai currency crisis in July 1997, and public dissatisfaction finally exploded in 1998 when the prices of fuel and daily necessities increased. A major Jakarta riot occurred in May.

That day, he took four hours to get home from a building in South Jakarta.Because he needed to avoid crowds gathering at the intersection and people with goods which they stole at supermarkets. That sight seems to be unforgettable for him.

In the early 2000s, he noticed the boom of ethnic goods and Asian furniture in Japan, and for a time left Jakarta to establish an export company in Bali,where he produced Indonesian furniture and exported traditional fabrics such as batik and ikat to Japan. I also have a history of having been (an international businessman!).

Pedestrian heaven in West Bekasi

The blog, which also serves as the company’s homepage, has been running for more than 10 years, and informationabout Indonesian IT business, current affairs, living information, etc. is updated irregularly. I think it will be helpful forthose who will work in Indonseia.

The company name, BAHTERA, is derived from the Indonesian word “Bahtera Nuh” for “Noah’s Ark” described in the Genesis of the Old Testament, and the Portuguese bateira (“Portuguese”) is the origin of the mackerel sushi “battera”. (Bateira = boat / boat).

with Chinese New Year decorations in the background

Mobile: 081-8801414

email : yamamoto@asprova.com    (yama@bahtera.jp)
homepage: https://bahtera.jp/

Jl. Boulevard Selatan, Ruko Emerald Commercial, Blok UC22, Summarecon
Bekasi, Jawa Barat 17141  

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