Trimming down the Plan-Do-Check-Adjust (PDCA) Cycle

Lengthy Production Schedule Drafting

Metal manufacturing, like other kinds of production, is not as easy as it seems. Like other manufacturers, companies that produce metals inevitably face the common difficulties (heavy workload, scheduling flaws, etc.) in production that comes along with it; this often takes place in the planning, doing, checking, and adjusting (PDCA) cycle.

Such is the story of a metal manufacturing company, who was aided by a mainframe computer in a monthly scheduling routine. In the initial stage of this company’s scheduling, the people in-charge often switched on the main computer at night. This was because it would take five to six hours of machine calculation needed in drafting a scheduling job. On the following morning, schedule managers would spend a whole day of work in correcting and editing the results in order to synchronize delivery times, setups, and machine operations.

Time is an essential variable in production. And, as you may have noticed, this company’s scheduling process took them quite  longer to finish than necessary. How right you are! In fact, it gets a lot worse, this manufacturing business needed at least three to four days to finish just drafting the schedules. And, it took them a month to finish scheduling. This is, most certainly, a result of relying on their mainframe computer that required long processing time, is inflexible—couldn’t adapt to sudden order changes, leading to dreadful manual calculation and on-site adjustment, and could not satisfactorily meet customer needs—now that’s a BIG problem.

High-Speed Production Scheduling

No matter how strong and capable a company is, it has limitations. However, these limits are not impossible to break with a little help. In order to find a solution to this issue, this metal manufacturing company looked for a scheduler that could give them better results. After a while, found out about Asprova and was surprised on how promising it is. It offered fast scheduling speed, a user-friendly Graphical User Interface (GUI), and diverse master settings. The people in charge of the search immediately recommended Asprova to their company after assessing the trial package.

They were able to resolve their situation and harnessed impressive results with the help of Asprova. The company was able to reduce the drafting time four days, to a three-hour minimum! Also, they lessened the completion of scheduling from a month to a week. This not only simplified the scheduling process, but also took off some of the heavy workload on the scheduling managers and the workers themselves.

If you need a little help on scheduling, Asprova might be your best friend, if you would give it a chance.

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