Add Order 2 – Copy and Auto Fill

In order to paste the data from the prototype datasheet to Asprova, we should adjust the column of the [Order table] in the same way the columns are placed in the prototype datasheet. The order of the columns in Asprova can be moved through drag-and-drop. In this sample, change the order to the following: Order code, Item, Order quantity, Due date, Customer, ERPLot, the same as the columns of the prototype datasheet.


Save the settings as a new style to keep the change in order.


Copy the data of the “Order” sheet and paste it into the Order table.



In Asprova, when you select and copy rows in a table window, the objects corresponding to those rows will be placed in the clipboard as a whole and the copied data will be inserted and pasted as a whole. The table below shows the pasted manufacturing orders from the prototype datasheet. You will notice that the same column order is displayed.

In a similar manner, copy the data of the Inventory sheet and paste it into the Order table.



In the Order table, you will see that the order type of the code “Z01-A” inventory is not set properly. Switch the order type of order into Inventory (Absolute).


To set the priority of the manufacturing orders, change the priority code in the Priority column to 90 to start the order 01 as early as possible. Set the same in order 02, and in 03 and 04. To copy the value in the upper cell, just press “CTRL + D”. Then change the order of 07 to 20 in order to make the order a filling order.


Also, change the display color of the orders to make them easy to see on the Gantt chart. Set the display color of order 01 to 1 and order 02 to 2. Use the Auto-fill function of Excel to update the display color of the other orders – highlight the first 2 cells then drag the highlighted portion down to the cell you want to update



To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning website and check the video tutorials under “23. User Interface”. You may also refer to the online help for other keyboard shortcuts.


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