User Interface: Inventory Graph

The Inventory graph shows the changes in an item’s inventory level and helps confirm whether there is a shortage in materials or not.

To view this, go to Window tab and choose New Inventory Graph.

Asprova1To display shorting items only, right click on the upper left cell and select Filter then, Inventory shortage item.

Asprova2The item “A” is in shortage as there is a negative quantity on November 25th.

Asprova3We can check the details by right-clicking the date. Select Drilldown then, Assigned Resources

Asprova4The related Resource Gantt Chart will be displayed under the Inventory graph where you can check which operations will cause the shortage.

Asprova5In this sample, the process has no effect at any nearby time, so this time will be fine, but to be sure, confirm the former arrival plan with the procurement staff.

To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning videos at (see 23. User Interface). You may also check Online Help on Inventory Graph.


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