User Interface – Display Settings – Style

Style of the display settings can be setup separately for each style of charts and tables. This is the set style capability. The set style capability enables user to do the following:

  • Name the current display settings and register it as a style.
  • Select any style and update the display settings of windows that are open.
  • Set any style to the default style (the one used for a new window).
  • Explicitly specify the style when opening a window.
  • Delete a style.
  • Replace the contents of a style with the contents of the current display settings.

After hiding the columns and changing the column width from the previous article, we can use Style when we want to reuse the same display settings.

Right-click the upper-left cell of the Integrated Master Editor and select Style settings then New style. New style is used to register the contents of the current display settings in the Integrated Master Editor as a style.


Selecting the new style option calls for a dialog where you can enter a style name. For this sample, enter ExcelPasteMaster as a style name.



Other functionality in the Style Settings are:

Save Style wherein this process saves the content of the current display settings overwriting an existing style.

Delete Style removes an existing file.

Select Default Style is used for the system to automatically select a set style when a new graph window is opened. Select from the menu a style to be used as default. If no style is selected, Asprova sets Standard Style as its initial setting.

In the Integrated Master Editor, you can also switch back to the saved style from the Style settings menu. Go to Style settings then click <Standard Style> to go back to the original style settings.


Since the tab name is also displayed on the menu, we can switch to it by clicking the tab.


To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning Website (see 23. User Interface). You may also refer to the online help about the details of Style settings.


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