User Interface – Creating Project and Setting up Scheduling Period

This article will explain how to create projects and setup scheduling period in Asprova. We will set up a new project with the prototype datasheet named “protosheet 23 userinterface.xls”.

But first, take a look at how to operate Asprova based on the flow of operations below:

  1. Master data updating – item, process code, setup, production etc
  2. Register orders in the Order Table – order quantity, priority, due date etc
  3. Create schedule based on the information in order and master data tables
  4. Adjust schedule as necessary – changing schedule parameters or calendar, moving an operation etc.
  5. Input results of the operation in the Properties window


To begin with the project creation, please ensure to launch first the Asprova MS and make a new project.


You also need to adjust the schedule period such that it is aligned with the order due dates. In this example, the order due date registered in the Order sheet is Nov 2016 therefore we need to set “Nov. 1, 2016” as the Scheduling basis time.


Go to Schedule tab and click Project Settings from the Menu.


Find the Scheduling basis time row on the Time period tab and edit the date as 2016/11/1 and press Ok.




As you can see, there are 30 days from the [Scheduling basis time] to the [Assignment end time]. Please leave that as-is and save the project.


To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning videos (see 23. User Interface).


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