Single Processing Schedule

In the initial screen view of Asprova, go to the File option and select New. The screen below will appear.


Go to the View option and change operation mode to Basic.


Then, go to the Schedule option, click Project settings and select the tab Time periods. From there, you can set a specific date on the Scheduling basis time option.

From the Table View option, go to the Integrated Master Editor to register master information. This is where the item is set up and all other related parameters such as process code, resource to be used and production time.


This is also where the order information is set up such as order code, item ordered, due date, order quantity and priority. Note that numerous orders can be registered with different quantities or same due dates. Just ensure to input the priority code so that the system know which order to schedule first.


After all the master information are setup, you are now ready to make a schedule. Just click the Reschedule button to see Asprova’s output.


In this sample, you will see the two orders scheduled one after the other based on the priority code registered. As the order quantity of order code 2 is 600 and the production time is 1mp (1 minute per item), it will take 600 minutes (or 10hours) to produce the order.

It is important that the correct information are setup in the system as the schedules are run based on the parameters we register. On the other hand, changes can be done easily by just editing the master information and clicking the re-schedule button. The system will re-run the schedule and make the necessary changes.

To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning videos at (see 22. How to make a prototype).

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