Scheduling Logic: Resource Quantity

In Asprova, you can set up how many pieces of equipment and operators are available in a certain time period in the Calendar table. The required resource quantity for each operation is set up in the Integrated Master Editor.

In this sample, we will show you how finite capacity scheduling takes into account the number of resources and production facilities.

There are three orders assigned below in Assembly1.


Assuming there are 2 workers on the Assembly1 – we can set this up in the Resource Quantity in the Calendar Table.


You will notice that the related cells in the Assembly 1 in the Resource Gantt chart are now divided into 2 sub rows.


Press the reschedule button.  Orders 1 and 2 are now piled up and assigned to be produced at the same time – meaning 2 workers will work at the same time, while order 3 is assigned to the right.


Now, go to the Integrated master editor and set 0.5 as the Required resource quantity.


Press the Reschedule button to see the result. The 3 orders are now piled up. As the Required resource quantity is 0.5, the total quantity is 1.5 for the 3 orders.


In the next sample, we will show how to shorten the production time according to the number of workers.

Double-click on the Resource code and set “According to the resource quantity” as the Resource quantity constraints.


Run the Reschedule button. Since the Resource quantity is 2 and the Required resource quantity is 0.5, this means 2 workers will work at the same time, each performing a double volume of work. As a result, the production time will be shortened by half. See Resource Gantt chart below.

To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning videos at (see 24. Scheduling Logic).


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