Scenario 4 – Export Production Orders

In this scenario, let’s export the production order including the start time and end time from Asprova. This can be done through ERP importing the TSV file for Production order and creating the purchase information by running MRP.

Let us open the Data I/O table from the final stage of the previous scenario (refer to Scenario 3 article) and confirm the Production order (Export).


Open the Field mapping dialog by clicking on the cell of the same name.


This is the format of TSV file for the production order.



Switch the Export field to “Yes (all)” and set “Type=M'” as Export filter expression.



Let’s export it. Go to the File tab and select Export.


The TSV file for this production order will be created and the auto-generated manufacturing order will be its output. You will also see when you open the TSV file that the orders already include the start time and the end time.


To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s online help and its e-Learning videos at (see 25. ERP Interface).


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