Sales Order Scheduling – MTS

In this sample, scheduling a Make To Stock (MTS) production will be explained. Using the same sample in the previous articles, go to the item table to set parameters: set item “AX” auto-replenish flag to “Yes”, set production lot size Min/Max to 500 units.


In the Order Table, set the current inventory of item “AX”. Use “Inventory (absolute)” as order type and input 300 as order quantity.


Run the Reschedule button to check the output. The order requires 500 items of “A” to be able to produce 500 items of “AX”. Since we have set item “A” with 400 pcs inventory, a production order of auto-replenishment “A” is created with a quantity of 1000. Go to the Resource Gantt chart to check the output. You will see that the sales order requirement for item “AX” is 300 and its current inventory is also 300. Therefore, no more production is created. For the second sales order of 500 “AX”, 500 items of “A” are necessary. Since the 400 items of “A” were used already from the first order, manufacturing orders of 1000 pcs each are generated automatically.


To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning videos and see 22. How to make a prototype.


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