Sales Order Scheduling – BTO

In this sample, scheduling a BTO production will be explained. Using the same sample in the previous article Sales Order Scheduling – MTO, switch the Auto-replenish flag of item “A” to “Yes” and set its production lot size Min/Max to 1000. By doing this, the production of item “A” is changed to “Make to Stock” production and will produce based on the set production lot size.


Run the Reschedule button and switch view to Order table. You will see that three production orders were created automatically. The order quantities 300 and 500 of item “AX” are replenished for each sales order of “AX”. You will also notice that the production order quantity of item “A” is 1000, this is because we have set the lot size as 1000.


Looking at the result in the Resource Gantt chart. The sales order quantity is set to 300 and accordingly the manufacturing order quantity of item “AX” is 300 (see Assembly1 bar). The blue bar shows that item “A” is being produced in 1000s as specified in the lot size.


In this chart, we can also input inventory of item “A” and see how it is scheduled based on sales orders.Input “Inventory “A”” as Order code and select Inventory (absolute) as Order type. Set the due date and order quantity accordingly. Run the reschedule button to see the result in the Resource Gantt chart.


You will see that the manufacturing order of item “AX” is replenished from Inventory where 300 items from inventory “A” are supplied to the manufacturing order of “AX”. Looking at its inventory level, the beginning on-hand is 400, then drops to 100 after replenishment to order “AX”.


To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning videos at (see 22. How to make a prototype).


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