Plastic Products, Mixing – Injection Using Molds

This article explains the operations and functions used from master setting to rescheduling with Asprova APS. In this sample, we will explain the process in plastic products, mixing – injection using molds.


In order to make Plastic1, it has to go through mixing and injection processes.

  1. The raw material to make plastic is set as Plastic1-Material.
  2. The Plastic-Material needs to be supplied to the Mixing process. The resource for mixing is called Mixer1.
  3. Next, the intermediate product goes to the Injection process. The resource for injection process is called Injection1 or Injection2.
  4. In addition for injection molding, the mold named Mold1 is used.
  5. Finally, product Plastic will be produced.

As in other processes, time for production, setup and/or tear-down can be set in Asprova as well as the so-called time constraint “ES”. “ES” specifies the time relation between the end of Mixing and the start of Injection processes. Priorities can also be set as “Just in Time” and “Emergency” orders. “Just in Time” orders are scheduled backwards from the due date and “Emergency” orders are scheduled forward to be completed as soon as possible.

You can also take a look at the Resource Gantt chart where the required equipment and resource for manufacturing are displayed. You can press the re-schedule button to see how your orders will be scheduled based on your parameter setup. In addition, processes can be moved according to your needs and everything else will follow.

To learn more about Asprova sample demonstrations, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning website (see 21. Try out sample data).



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