Network Modules

There are two modules that can connect Asprova schedule: Network License Server (NLS) and Data Server (DS).

Network Modules

The Network License Server handles the management of Asprova licenses – this network licensing system will allow PCs to connect to a licensed server and obtain a license via that network. With this, sharing of licenses across factories become possible. With NLS, you can start the scheduler modules (APS, MS, MS Light, MRP) from each PC.

Data Server, on the other hand, is the one that shares the scheduling data wherein users can check in/out and operate the same project file from multiple computers. For example, you can use Asprova APS for mid-term planning and open this project file in Asprova MS to create a short-term plan.

In Asprova, the schedule information is managed by a binary file. The database can be used to update differential data. This data from BOM or MES and the new scheduling data can be merged into DS and have the other PCs updated at the same time. As a result, the newest data can be easily shared across the PCs. These network modules can share the scheduling data and manage the licenses by the departments called “sites”. For example, when making schedules for each product group and maintaining multiple scheduling data, licenses and scheduling data can be managed through NLS and DS. It is also possible to restrict the number of licenses of the site or share the data within the site. Asprova NLS and DS can be used separately depending on your purpose.

For more details, please refer to Asprova’s online help. You can also request to download the free trial version of Asprova.

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