In Asprova, you can also schedule the items going through multiple processes and at the same time monitor inventory movements. In this sample, you will see an item processed through the following:


This is called straight process and can be setup in the system. The following parameters should also be setup: process code, resource, production time, setup time, time constraint (or the waiting time) etc.

In this sample, input the process codes such as Cut for the first process, Press for the second process and Inspection for the third process. Set Cutter 1 as a resource for the Cut process, and Press 1 and Press 2 for the Press process. Since cutting will take 1 minute per item, set 1mp as the production time for the Cutter 1. Use the same value for Press and Inspection. If there is a waiting time between processes, this needs to be setup in the ES input as time constraint. In this sample, we have a 60m waiting time between the Cut and Press and Press and Inspection processes. As soon as all the necessary parameters are inputted, you can now run the schedule to manufacture A items in the factory.


Change the Inventory order of item A to Production order instead. Input the order quantity, priority and display color in the order table.


Press the reschedule button and view the schedule in the Resource Gantt chart. From this chart, you will see that item A is produced through the 3 processes: Cutter, Press and Inspection. The output item A will then be used as a supply in the Assembly process of Order 2 and Order 1 for item AX. The same as in the previous samples, the inventory of the items will be decreased as it is being used up in the processing of orders.


To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning videos at (see 22. How to make a prototype).

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