Mold Production, Assembly Process

This article explains the operations and functions used from master setting to rescheduling with Asprova APS. In this sample, we will explain the process in mold production and assembly process.



To be able to produce Mold, there are three parts that need to be produced first – these parts are BASE, PUNCH and HOLDER. These parts need to go through different processes as shown in the diagram above to be produced. At the final operation called “Assembly”, these three parts are assembled together to produce Mold.

As in other processes in Asprova, master data should be completed and order data updated. In this sample, two orders are registered – Order1 has item Mold that needs to be produced two days earlier than Order2. Both has priority order of just-in-time. Just-in-time priority means the schedule will be ordered backwards from the due date. As soon the master and order data are completed, you may run the reschedule button to see the result of the schedule. The result can be viewed in both the Resource Gantt chart and Order Gantt chart. Note also that processes can be moved to another date and by pressing the Reschedule button, other processes will be automatically adjusted and synchronized. With Asprova, it is possible to quickly and easily adjust the schedule.

To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning videos at (see 21. Try out sample data).


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