Mold Process – Simulating with Production Scheduler

Scheduling to the Greatest Extent

In recent posts, we have talked about Visualization of Production Schedule, Lead Time Reduction and the Limits of MRP, Efficient Machinery Assignment, and Effective Just in Time (JIT) Scheduling. Now, we can carefully look at how to use Production Scheduling software in molding processes.

Scheduling while considering a molding process is said to be “scheduling to the greatest extent” because of the complexity of molding processes that needs to take into consideration, an extremely large number of molds with different classifications, each having different time requirements for production. Sometimes, an executable schedule for molding seems impossible to make because of the large array of molds that require different specifications. On other situations, molds are rendered unusable and require repair.

This problem is quite common to mold processing businesses. However, it is imperative to understand that there is a way that can successfully satiate these complications and it is possible to make a schedule that considers the restrictions in mold processes.

It would be really difficult for people to handle all of these without the help of the Finite Capacity Scheduling Software. But, if we would utilize this technological blessing, it would be possible to set all of the difficult circumstances in an organized manner and make a comprehensive simulation on this matter.

By increasing the data setup, you can actually come up with a production schedule that is close to or an even an exact copy of real-time operating conditions. In addition to that, you can insert new methods of production that can reflect how your real operations work. By this, you have solved the problem of having so many things in your production list that could render the act of making a schedule impossible by utilizing the capabilities of Finite Capacity Scheduling Software .

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