Asprova Scheduling: Mixing-Packing-Inspection Process

This article explains the operations and functions used from master setting to rescheduling with Asprova APS. In this sample, we will explain the mixing-packing-inspection processes in Asprova.

Graphical display

To be able to produce ProductA, it has to go through a series of processes:

  1. The materials for product A is set as ProductA-Material.
  2. ProductA-Material passes the mixing process first. There is a resource called Mixer 1 for the materials mixing process.
  3. Next step is the packing process. There are 2 packing resources – Packer 1 and Packer 2 for the packing process.
  4. Then, items produced in the packing process pass the inspection process. There is an inspector called Inspection Center 1 for the inspection process.
  5. Finally, ProductA will be produced.

This is the production process for Product A. All necessary equipment are called resources. All of these can be set up in Asprova – including set up and production time, resource or process output (e.g. mixing process outputs 1 unit etc), time constraint or waiting time and the order information. Order information includes product, order quantity, due dates and priority. Priority is set into two types – priorities 50-90 are called “Just in Time” orders wherein orders are scheduled in a backward direction from the due date and priorities 90-100 are called “Emergency” orders wherein orders are scheduled to start and finish as soon as possible.

With all these information set up in Asprova, we can run, adjust parameters and re-run schedule to meet the desired dates and quantity. For example, possible late deliveries can be adjusted to meet schedule on-time through opening weekends for operation. Asprova also has the capability to synchronize processes such that rush orders are scheduled sequentially with the just-in-time orders minimizing waiting time between processes. By doing this, it allows factories to schedule manufacturing with minimal lead time. As a result, size of production and work-in-progress inventories are reduced.

To learn more about this specific Asprova sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning video HERE .


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