Metal Processing, Cyclic Long Processes

This article explains the operations and functions used from master setting to rescheduling with Asprova APS. In this sample, we will explain the process in automobile parts-processing factory.

In this sample, the factory produces automobile bodies named “XT1” and “XT4”. The raw material is called XT1-Material and this will go through a series of processes below:

  • There is a resource called Cut#1 in the cutting process.
  • There is a resource called Forge#1 in the forge process.
  • There is a resource called Shot#1 in the shot process.
  • There is a resource called Lubrication#1 in the lubrication process.
  • There are three resources called Press#1, Press#2, and Press#3 in the press process.
  • There are resources called AssemblyLine#1, AssemblyLine#2, AssemblyLine#4 in the assembly process.
  • There are resources called Inspection#1 and Inspection#2 in the inspection process.

The forge, shot, and lubrication processes are repeated. XT1/XT4 will be completed after all these processes.

In Asprova, you can opt to view the process through Graphical Master or the Spreadsheet display. From the spreadsheet display, we can update the master data such as a) Production where the number of materials are set to produce one item (e.g. Production 0.02 for 1 item means we can produce 50 items of “XT1” with 1 item of “XT1-Material”), b) production time where the amount of time to produce a product is recorded, c) setup time, and d) time constraints among others. As soon as the master data is completed, order data should be registered. Order data contains the order quantity, due date and priority. Once all these parameters are completely setup, you can press the re-schedule button to see the schedule. The schedule will show the orders and the start and end time of each process. In this cyclic process sample, there will be orders that will go through one process a couple of times. It is going to be difficult and complicated if such schedule is done manually. In Asprova, each process can be adjusted and the system will automatically adjust and reschedule.

To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning videos at (see 21. Try out sample data).


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