Visualization: Providing a solution to the High Tech Industry

HitechThe High Technology industry has a lot of peculiarities. These are commonly product variations, the need for reducing the lifecycles of products, and the sudden changes in its demand curves. In this field, scheduling accuracy is necessary to address these volatile and sudden occurrences. In reality, nobody or nothing calculates a 100 percent accurate prediction. However, companies still strive to lessen the differences between the forecast and the actual results and they can actually manage the demand changes by minimizing inventories.

To help address this problem, Asprova’s high speed production scheduler enables visualization of schedules.

The following functions offer solutions to the common problems in the High Tech industry:

Finding the due date by schedulers with finite capacity:

Schedulers with finite capacity, make production plans which can be directly used as work instructions. By utilizing this feature, we can easily manage orders urgently and allocate inventories properly.

Efficient load adjustment

By taking into account facility investment simulations and manpower employment planning, we can manage to allocate to multiple production lines properly.

Skill map to manage workers capacity

If we use the skill map, managing of employees’ capacity, ability/inability and processing speed will be made easier.

Production Scheduling pegged to inventories and order information

We can eliminate unnecessary inventory because registering orders not only per production unit/lot but also per sales order unit/lot is possible.

Operation sequence control with strict delivery dates

The ability to quote delivery dates by adapting to automated processes of complicated machinery is also offered by Asprova. Its optimization options can control operation sequences effectively.

Evaluation of the result of scheduling and simulation by KPI

With Asprova, we are also able to calculate Key Performance Index—this includes sales, profits, profit rates, the material costs.

Adaptable to global network

Asprova can keep up with the multilingual platform by incorporating Japanese, English, Chinese (Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese), Korean, German, Spanish, Portuguese, and Thai in its interface. Because of this, communication between different personnel from different plants is made easy.

If you are in the high tech industry, you might be encountering similar obstacles tackled. But, with Asprova’s visualization, you can experience all the solutions we have mentioned and more!

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