Five Problems of Chemical Industry


The solution to this area of manufacturing is, according to Asprova’s experts, visualization and reduction of lead time. These two are the main key areas that manufacturers should take into consideration, if they would want to improve or maintain their products’ quality, keep up with the deadlines and due dates, reduce costs and maximize profits, keep tank facilities in check, and globalize.

Asprova’s visualization features include the following:

The Gantt chart—this enables checking of overdue orders, wait times of each process, and inventory allocation.
The Load graph—this includes displayed periods, displayed resources, and text display that can be customized according to your needs.
The skill map—enables managing of employees’ capacity, ability/inability and processing speed, separate to integrated master tables such as the BOM (Bill of Materials) and resource capacities.
The sales plan table—you can easily view the information on orders for a certain period can be registered with the accuracy of company forecast, sales forecast, customer forecast, and confirmed orders.
Inventory graph—here, inventory changes and material requirement can be calculated at one view. In addition, production graphs and consumption graphs are available. Calculation functionality for each term is also included.
Key Performance Index—including sales, profits, profit rates, the material cost can be calculated by cost per item and working cost per resource.

With Asprova’s visualization features, your company can attain improvements and efficiency in scheduling. With these, reduction of lead time will be an easy task.

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