Can Asprova Tell the Material Inventory Availability?

Answer summary:

Yes, through inventory graph. You can also use Auto replenishment so that you will be notified as to when you need to purchase materials (raw). See Videos 22.04 to 22.08

royalty-free-warehouse-clipart-illustration-439310Presidents, CEOs, directors, and other high-level executives recognise the importance of inventory management. Even the most attentive and detailed-oriented manager is no match in getting the exact level of it. Most of the time decision makers rely only on the external benchmarks that seldom deliver the expected insights. This might lead them to the wrong path when they are making the operating assumptions. Getting the right levels of the inventory is important since it not only controls costs but also measures the company’s overall health.[1].

Accounting for inventory in manufacturing environment is often more complex compare with inventory accounting in other business setups. Manufacturers account for production inventory when making plans, schedules and valuating raw materials needed for production. One of the most essential steps in managing your inventory while making production plan is knowing the availability and quantity of every resources and materials[2].

Inventory Graph

Asprova can easily monitor the availability of materials through the inventory graph.  It can check whether there is a shortage of materials or none. The graph will tell you the exact date and time on when the materials will be depleted and can give you a visualization of which operation will have a shortage in materials. In addition, Asprova has an auto-replenishment function where it can automatically replenish insufficient and depleted items for production orders and purchase orders. Auto-replenishment will also notify you if you already needed to purchase raw materials.

Monitoring the quantity and availability of every material is only one of many ways on how Asprova can help you manage your inventory. It is still best to have a hands-on experience on monitoring your inventory using Asprova. See it for yourself. Download the free trial version of Asprova and watch the tutorial videos for more information.

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