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A manufacturer needs to know how much inventory it has to be able to commit on ordered quantity. It is critical that the company has an accurate record of inventory as any shortage may lead to delays in due dates. In this article, we will show you how materials are scheduled to avoid shortage on orders.

In order to assemble item AX, we need one item each of A and X. These two items should be registered in the Integrated Master Editor table as two input instructions. The first instruction is A with instruction code In and with required amount of one. Create the same setup for item X but with instruction code In2. Please note that having different instruction codes (In and In2) mean that both items A and X are necessary to assemble item AX. If the same instruction code is inputted, this means either item A or X are required to assemble AX.


Run the reschedule button and view the Resource Gantt chart showing the Inventory graph. In the inventory graph, you can see that the amount of item AX is increased as soon as the orders are completed e.g. AX is increased to 600 after order 2 is completed, then increased further to 900 after order 1 is completed. On the other hand, items A and X are reduced based on the quantity used to assemble item AX e.g. A is decreased to -600, and then to -900 by the beginning of order 1.


You can also take the inventory you have into account in this graph. Key in Inventory A as the order code, set order type as Inventory (with absolute quantity). Set the item, due date and quantity. Run the Reschedule button and the Inventory A will be displayed in the Resource Gantt chart. By looking at the Inventory graph, you will see that the initial quantity for Inventory A is 1000. By the beginning of order 2, the inventory quantity is decreased to 400, and then down to 100 by the beginning of order 1. With this view, you can easily check when the inventory will run out and do the necessary re-order.


To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s e-Learning videos from our e-learning website (see 22. How to make a prototype).

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