Shortening of Planning Cycle

Finite Capacity Scheduling and Reduction of Manual Scheduling Errors

A world-renowned Electronic and Electrical Manufacturing company, which specializes in the production of ventilation fans either for houses or corporate use, air ventilation cleaners, and industrial blowers, had a big problem. Like other companies, their schedules were prepared through weeks of manual effort based on several lists of processing jobs, generated by their host computer without taking the capacity of machines in the factory into consideration. This problem gave them two major hassles: inordinate time required for workgroup leaders to draft schedules based on one-month processing plans output through the host computer and unnecessary setup time and simple errors resulting from the manual scheduling. However, all of these have changed when they switched to Asprova.

In order to find a solution that would fix these hassles, they initiated a search for a scheduling system that would be capable to meet their needs, and then, they came across Asprova through a product demonstration that was conducted by a certified distributor of Asprova.

Upon seeing this, they were highly impressed by Asprova’s high-speed scheduling, the enormous amount of the software’s features, and the easy to understand Graphical User Interface (GUI). According to this factory’s Director of the Manufacturing Planning Department’s System Engineering Section, they were astonished by Asprova’s scheduling functions. Then, to better explain Asprova’s many features, Asprova’s certified sales partner, with the staff preparing the schedules, conducted a two-day demonstration using actual data.

After incorporating the use of Asprova, they experienced the following improvements in their business: considerable reduction of time allotted in schedule preparation; allowing the schedulers to take on other tasks like following up on component delivery dates and processing vouchers, elimination of unnecessary setup time and minor scheduling errors, the enabling of frequent outputting processing plans from the host for more flexibility in the host-side of planning changes – without unpleasant effects on the preparation of the processing schedules, and,  they were able to simplify the process of searching for particular manufacturing items.

Finite Capacity Scheduling, indeed, takes setup-time reduction into account and this world-renowned electronic and electrical manufacturing company was one of the many who reaped this benefit. Finite Capacity Scheduling eliminated errors and unnecessary setup time. They are now making schedules only once a day (a huge improvement compared to before Asprova where they spent weeks!). Lastly, they are now able to respond quickly to customer orders and sudden changes.

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