Visualization of Production Schedule

Visual Management

Visualization or Visual Management of Production control can be done manually through Kaizen or spreadsheet. It’s OK if the factory is small and processes are few. But as the number of items, orders and requirements of smaller factories increase, the need for a computerized production scheduling will be of utmost importance.

First, visualizing results of such BIG DATA of production schedule helps you to manage the unexpected change of orders and machine breakdowns.

One of the obviously important aspect of visualization is for operators to swiftly understand that there’s a problem on the production, for example, an imminent delay of delivery for huge rush orders. With visualization, this problem can be given a quick action and could be assessed and fixed before greater production problems occur.

A good visualization of production operations will give you a better view on how to drive the best performance for the factory.

To learn more about the basics of computerized Production Scheduler go to this link:

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