Achieving Overall Optimization Through Short, Medium and Long Term Planning

While planning is indeed a basic need to each and every company, it is not an easy feat. Let’s take a look at a ship manufacturer who decided to try Asprova and have experienced four reasons to choose our Finite Capacity Scheduler.

Impressive foresight

In this featured company, in order to keep their equipments running, they relied on professional human planners to make schedules. However, they could only do plans that are 1-2 months ahead. Anything further than that, becomes a workload rather than a detailed and carefully considered plan. This changed when they chose to switch to Asprova. The scheduler helped them create plans that cover up to two years and managed 5000 orders, 6-7 target processes, and 30,000 operations.

An error free schedule

Because of a standardized system that comes along with Asprova, there is little to no room for errors in planning. This is a very important factor that helps maintain high efficiency. Asprova prevents process omissions and shows warnings if time constraints will be breached.

Overall optimization and accuracy

Planning for four months to a year ahead is no joke. It requires accuracy and an in-depth understanding that should be used to adjust delivery dates and carefully predict the upcoming workload. The company, instead of using just excel, switched to Asprova because of it can easily produce accuracy in optimization.

More money

Of course, one of the main goals, if not THE main goal, of the company would be to increase their profits. Even when these are not on the list of reasons of Asprova introduction in the company, lead time reduction, improving cash flow, and inventory reduction are perceived as something that will come to them in the long run with the help of Asprova.


Accuracy and Quickness in Quoting Due Dates

Handwritten Schedule

A world-renowned home-appliance manufacturer who’s deployed previous version of Asprova (year 2000) decided to go for an upgrade knowing that it would help them in a big way.

Before the upgrade, the company decided to use handwritten methods in scheduling along with the obsolete scheduler. However, it cost them lots of trouble (inefficiency, cost, labor, etc.) and needed a long time before a schedule can be made. Keeping up with this fast-paced industry is really no joke.

With this in mind, the company decided to call on Asprova for an upgrade and was not disappointed, “Through upgrading, Asprova overall became more expressive. With so many items and jobs being carried out in small lots, it is important to understand the entire process visually, and Asprova is very effective in that regard…[we] really appreciate their help in reaching our goal.” says an employee who is known of the situation.

Tool to Make Money

And of course, the upgrade came with the much expected effects. Planning time was reduced from 8 man-days to 2 man-days, production lead time reduced 2 weeks to 1 week, and it became possible to answer the delivery dates more quickly and accurately. The company is now aiming for Asprova to be their “tool to make money” by cutting costs on several areas of their manufacturing.


Rescheduling According to Production Results

Production Schedule Done Manually

A growing company has to deal with frequent order changes. It requires flexibility. And of course, under the umbrella of flexibility comes speed and accuracy. These things are inseparable factors and are a must when it comes to production. A fluorescent lamp manufacturer experienced this phase and decided that they should rely on Asprova’s help for a number of reasons:

  1. To respond to the growing number of orders and the frequent order changes.
  2. Visualization resulting to faster execution—prior to Asprova introduction, they made schedules manually; of course, they needed plenty of time to make them.
  3. Independence from sole human schedulers. Before Asprova, it was hard to pass on the knowledge or know-how when it comes to the scheduling steps and no one could initiate planning if the only one who knows how to do it is away, with the help of the scheduler, this wasn’t necessary anymore as anybody could do it.
  4. Work in progress—due to production inefficiency, the work in progress kept increasing; the company needed a scheduler that would free them from these troubles.

Results after implementation

There are lot’s of gimmicks nowadays that tell us one thing but doesn’t really deliver. Here however, Asprova will never let anybody down as it has proven itself again and again, through providing actual results to the fluorescent lamp manufacturer.

  • Dramatically increased the processing speed in production scheduling: About 100,000 jobs (number of jobs = number of lots x number of processes) can be scheduled in just 1.5 minutes.
  • Ability to deal with rush orders: Because of the ultra high-speed scheduling, this company was able to immediately and precisely project the delivery/due dates of rush orders.
  • Visually displaying progress through Gantt Chart: By tracking the real time progress of production lines through Gantt chart, users were able to find out problems immediately.

Do you still create your production schedules manually? Do you still rely on the experience and intuition of your production go-to-guy? Management of scheduling that relies on experience will eventually reach and impasse. If you’re still struggling on meeting rush orders, unable to visualize the possible future production problems, and reducing WIP inventory, it’s high time to try out Asprova.