FA related company’s founder becomes Japan’s richest.

KEYENCE, which handles auto-control equipment and sensors, has been famous in the production industry. The stock price has almost doubled since 2020. The founder, Takemitsu Takizaki (76), owns $ 38.2 billion in Sep.2021.

The spread of corona has led to deploying Factory Automation to keep social distance and cover the lack of workers who had gone back to their home town.

It is much more valuable and gratifying for Japan that the founder of company supporting the manufacturing industry like us become the richest in Japan than real estate and investors become rich.

KEYENCE is a well-known company in the Japanese manufacturing industry.

It has the following reputation.

The highest salary in Japan
Lots of overtime work
Sales are managed on a minute-by-minute basis

I think that KEYENCE has been outstanding in quickly grasping the needs of factories and commercializing them, and providing as high value-added products.

Amount of sales  4.7 billion USD
Ordinary profit  2.5billion USD

Employee 8380

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