Asprova Modules and Options

Asprova is a lean-manufacturing solution that provides a high-performance scheduling tool for manufacturers. It offers various modules and options that help meet the demands of customers in the manufacturing industry.

modules and functions

Asprova MES – Manufacturing Execution System
This enables viewing and confirmation of the schedule and/or input the results of the production.

Asprova BOM – Bill of Material
This is the terminal for the master data maintenance.

Asprova MRP – Material Requirement Planning
This module allows creation of a schedule with more simplified Integrated Master settings. This is most useful in calculating the required material quantities assigning them with infinite capacity.

Asprova MS – Manufacturing Scheduler
This performs short term scheduling and creates detailed production schedule through finite capacity scheduling.

Asprova MS Light – Manufacturing Scheduler Light
This is a module based on the MS module which splits several features as options for customers. There are 5 available options for MS Light which will be the same as MS if all are taken. The available options are as follows:

  • Scheduling Command allows detailed customization of the structure of scheduling parameters by editing (add/delete/reorder) the commands executed during rescheduling.
  • Auto-replenishment generates orders automatically to prevent inventory from going below the safety stock level based on lot sizes and time period grouping.
  • Sub resources allows assignment to more than one resource at the same time. For example, you can assign workers, jigs or molds with machines.
  • Operation split option splits operations specifying lot size in order to assign them to several machines to shorten lead time.
  • Branching process allows assignment of processes which produce multiple outputs.

Asprova APS – Advanced Planning and Scheduling
This allows performing long, mid, and short term scheduling across sales, manufacturing and purchasing in a single module.

In every module, a Gantt chart is available as user interface. The following modules: APS, MS, MS Light, MRP can make the production schedule while MES can be used to confirm a schedule or input the result. BOM, on the other hand, is used to maintain the master.

Furthermore, there are seven advanced options in Asprova that you can choose from:

Option Description
Sales Ties-in the sales orders information with the production plan. Based on the results of the production schedule and knowing the confirmed quantities of inventory, we can easily and accurately forecast the situation and provide due dates for the orders.
Purchase Links the production plan with the purchase information through scheduling purchasing of the materials with the constraints of the material delivery plan.
KPI Shows calculation and evaluation of KPIs for the whole project or specific orders, resources, and items.
Optimization Reassigns the operations to control the work sequence.

For example, the same products are grouped to shorten the set up time or products are sorted from based on color (light to dark)

Time constraint MAX Limits the time between the end of the previous process and the start of the next process. This is efficient for perishable WIP such as food, medicines, chemicals, etc.
Resource lock Locks a resource to prevent assignment of other operations within a certain period of time or until the current operation is completed. This is efficient for tank facilities or molds which cannot do other operations until the end of the next process.
Event Generates events in certain conditions e.g. maintenance, equipment clearing

Using these features will help you in efficiently making a schedule. For more details of the modules and options, please refer to Asprova’s online help. You can also request to download the free trial version of Asprova that has all these modules available for you to study.


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