Safety Stock Inventory MIN

Safety stock can be registered using the auto-replenishment function. If safety stock is applied, orders will be generated automatically to prevent inventory from falling below a certain level.

For example, let us set safety stock at 500. Input 500 into the Inventory MIN at the Item table.


You will see a red line displayed in the Inventory graph – this indicates the value of the Inventory MIN a.k.a. the level of the safety stock.


Run the reschedule button, you will see that the inventory will be automatically replenished in order to not fall below the 500 level.

As the inventory is 0 at the scheduling basis time, the planning will be done while ensuring the safety stock level is met from the very beginning.


However, please note that this does not work when the Auto-replenished flag is set to Yes (one-to-one production) or Yes (inventory+one-to-one production). Automatic replenishment of safety stock is only done when set to Yes. So, please ensure to register the right settings.



When the initial inventory is larger than the safety stock, in order to prevent unnecessary stock, the replenishment production will be delayed automatically, until it becomes necessary.


There is no need to worry about when to start manufacturing. As an advanced setting, it is possible to specify the safety stock levels by time periods. To learn more about Asprova specific to this sample demonstration, you may visit Asprova’s online help and search Operation Split or its e-Learning videos at (see 24. Scheduling Logic).



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