[Webinar 7.24 and 31] Be a sales partner of Asprova – Japan’s best selling Production Scheduling Software

Asprova Sales Partners

Do you have what it takes to be a sales partner of Asprova?

We are going to conduct webinars with live demos of Asprova, discussions on how you can help manufacturers in your area make detailed production schedules, and realize lead-time and inventory reduction while keeping due-dates.

Date : 7/24/2013 or 7/31/2013 (Wed)
Time : please choose one or more time slots (1 to 6) below:

1. 9 AM (GMT+9)
2. 11 AM (GMT+9)
3. 1 PM (GMT+9)
4. 3 PM (GMT+9)
5. 5 PM (GMT+9)
6. 7 PM (GMT+9)

We will try fit into your available time as much as we can.

To join this webinar, just send an e-mail to tech.support@asprova.com or fill out the contact form below which should include
1) Company name
2) Names of participants
3) Expectation of attending this webinar
4) Your convenient dates and time slots

We will give you the instructions for preparation of the webinar.

-Takahashi, CEO of Asprova

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